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Human Med International Sales Meeting

This year, we invited all international distributors and sales teams to our annual international sales meeting to the capital of Germany, Berlin.

Thanks for attending our CAREstream America Webinar!

We hope you enjoyed Dr. Kaye’s presentation on January 19th, 2018. As part of the “Lunch n’ Learn”-series, the webinar "Facelift ~ Using Water-jet Technology!" provided an opportunity to review benefits of the hydro-dissection technique with WAL.

Human med expands

We extend our production capacities meeting the latest industry standards.

BEAULI goes international!

In the tradition of all previous BEAULI workshops, in 2017 there were numerous state-of-the-art lectures and exchange of experiences at the highest level between more than 40 participants from all over the world. In contrast to the past, Bavaria and far Southeast Asia were chosen as joint venues this time.

Our new technology was presented at TERMIS in Switzerland

Inge Matthiesen presented "a new technology for standardized separation and concentration of SVF cells during liposuction" at Termin in Davos, in June 2017.

The Q-graft® system will boost the world of stem cell applications!

Our new product ist the only system that can be used at the point-of-care: on the sterile instrument table in the operating room. And the only system including sterile fat harvesting. How to purchase: Find the right contact person in our distributor finder!

Dr. Sandra Bouzablou on air: body-jet liposuction

"Dr. Sandra Bouzablou talks about the differences between traditional liposuction and body-jet liposuction"

Dr. Kaye Goes East for Asian Lecture Tour

When he’s not operating at Ocean Clinic Marbella, Head Surgeon Dr. Kai Kaye spends much of his time travelling the world to share his expertise.

Safety & efficiency of Water-jet assisted dissection in SMAS Lifts

Abstract presented at ISPRES congress in France, 06.–09.10.2016, by Dr. Kai Kaye

Liposuction: Treatment of choice for painful lipedema

Iraqi refugee gets a special (water-jet) liposuction procedure for a rare fat-cell condition called lipedema

Leading Scientist for fat grafting and adipose stem cells in the US, Prof. Peter Rubin comments on WAL grafted fat

A publication by Prof. Peter Rubin, Pittsburgh/USA, who is the leading scientist for fat grafting and adipose stem cells in the USA, comments on the publication by Meyer et al. on the Isolation and Differentiation Potential of Water-Jet Fat.

Study shows: 88 percent of wounds healed completely with autologous lipotransfer!

The authors investigated the use of autologous lipotransfer for treatment of chronic diabetic and other foot and lower limb ulcers.

Study about Isolation and Differentiation Potential of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells From Adipose Tissue Harvested by Water Jet-Assisted Liposuction


Lipofilling & stem cells video workshop IMCAS 2015

See MD Ueberreiter's practical tips and tricks in mega fat grafting video

All about lipoedema

An article of Rainer H. Kraus, published in the magazine " Lymph and Health", 1/2015, for people with lymphedema, lipedema and related diseases

Water-jet assisted lipocontouring

Water-jet assisted lipocontouring (WAL) of the gluteal region: Technique and long-term results by Dr. Aslani in face magazin

Study shows the positive effect of the water-jet method on fat viability

The comparative study shows high fat and stem cell viability for water-jet fat

If you desire to have a natural shaped bottom, Cirumeds video may be interesting for you

Individuals who desire a fuller and more rounded buttock area can have their buttocks augmented with autologous fat without having to sit on synthetic materials. • Natural feel and appearance • No side effects • Minimal complications